Rubels and angels is a pocket friendly restaurant located in 52 Ogunlana drive, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Before I go into details of the food, I’d like to give a big shout out to @rubelsandangels. Their customer service is top notch, amazing reception but that could have been because they knew who I was (If you’ve been there, please tell me your experience in the comment section) I would give them 8/10 for customer relations.

We had their Pack of 9 which is N5,500( with free chips & chapman) with their pineapple and ginger juice which costs N550.
I went with my friends so 3 people had to get extra chips at 400 each

Let me start from the juice because I love it( I want more😭) I generally love the combination “pineapple and ginger”. Although I was a little scared to try it but the Juice was good, really good💃🏽💯

The chicken is amazing, just right, not too hard, not soaked in oil, it was well quoted(I’d say it’s better thank KFC’s crispy chicken, my personal opinion sha)

The chips was okay. I don’t think I really payed attention to it, I ate it in a hurry because I was very hungry.😂😂

Overall I’d give them a solid 8/10