“Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.” 
Well I’m getting both filled💃🏽💃🏽

Tomi of Lagos and I decided to explore certain places in Lagos hence creating a timetable to guide us.

As a travel blogger, I travel outside Nigeria at least once every year and that is something I always look forward to, it is literally my best part of the year.

Graduating from university made me so happy because I get to travel when ever I want. Wellllllllll my dream was crushed after I realized that graduation means I get restricted to Nigeria for one year (NYSC), I was demoralized.

As a content creator, one thing that can mess you up is lack of consistency, the thing about consistency is that it determines your relevance, it can make you either relevant or irrelevant.

So ever since my trip to France I started thinking “what do I do for one year?” and I had an idea but it wasn’t clear, fast-forward to december, everybody was doing detty December but I couldn’t detty my own December.

Tomi of Lagos asked me ”how are your detty December plans?” I told her there was no plan and my December was actually clean, she said she had places she wanted to visit in Lagos but she hadn’t had time and we both suggested that we should go together, make blog posts, and vlogs (at the Same time 1:43, we were in sync😂).

we both drew up a list places we wanted to visit and we made a timetable and boom we called it Explore Lagos , before we knew it, we both made posters and we began to explore Lagos.

Explore Lagos has birthed many ideas for my 1 year in Lagos and I’m really excited to carry them out

Moral lessons: Have friends that motivate you
P.S: A blog post on explore lagos is coming soon💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

By luvlysimi

My name is Soremekun Jesutofunmi Similoluwa
I'm a graduate of Covenant University, i have a travel blog/website (
I'm very passionate about travelling, i love fashion, pictures,reading writing, talking and creating ideas.
I strongly believe in God, He is a major part of who i am.
I am a freelance model, writer, Content creator and above all i'm a brand

I love being independent, i love making people happy, i love meeting new people and making new friends.
I'm a strong believer of killing people with kindness
And my advice to everyone is to never be scared to fail

It's better to live with the regret of "failure" than the regret of "if only".

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