My blogging journey


For as long as I remember, I have always loved writing, at age seven I had an exercise book specially for writing Stories. Growing older I wanted to be a journalist, linguist, blogger, newscaster etc. writing has always been a part of me.

Entering university killed my dreams of being a blogger, everyone had a blog, I have always despised doing what everyone else is doing, I said I’d be a vlogger instead, since I like talking and writing plus I’m super dramatic and I like to think i give a good vibe.

I’d been waiting for the perfect moment to start my vlog, I already knew what it would be about, of course it was going to be about travelling, everyone that met me knew how passionate I was/am about traveling.

I would talk about traveling and blogging but I never had the courage to start, mainly because I was scared, what if people don’t like it? What if I don’t succeed in blogging? Etc i was too scared about what people would thing and it was sincerely eating me up, not doing what I love because of fear.

one Sunday after service (300 level) I was on my bed, I can’t remember what exactly gave me the push but I picked up My IPod and signed up to WordPress, I did the basics and sent a message to all my friends to check out my blog.

my friends were receptive, obviously not all ( till now only few of my friends visit my blog) it hurt me because I always did my best to support others, repost, hype, comment etc. It was discouraging but I made up my mind to keep pushing.

After two months I stopped blogging, mainly because school was overwhelming and I felt like I didn’t have content so I told myself I’d resume blogging that summer (2018), I went on summerwork and I was supposed to document my experience but laziness will not let me be great, my blog was inactive for a long time and I even forgot I had a blog sometimes

August 2019, I resumed blogging and that has honestly been the best thing that has ever happened to me, honestly it isn’t growing as well as I thought it would but I’ve come to love the slow and steady growth because growth is growth regardless of the pace. Most people want to grow overnight and that’s not exactly possible, a newborn child grows each day, each year not overnight.

If I wasn’t scared of failure, I’d have probably gone far, maybe a thousand step closer to my dreams.
Regardless of how late I started, I’m one step closer today simply because I started.

It’s okay to be scared, fail or even give up at some point but what is not okay is giving up on your dreams. It is perfectly okay to take a break.
Consistency is key (this is something I still struggle with)

It is okay to do what everyone else is doing in your own unique way. Entrepreneurship is about finding the loop hole in someone else’s idea and creating a solution for it.


By luvlysimi

My name is Soremekun Jesutofunmi Similoluwa
I'm a graduate of Covenant University, i have a travel blog/website (
I'm very passionate about travelling, i love fashion, pictures,reading writing, talking and creating ideas.
I strongly believe in God, He is a major part of who i am.
I am a freelance model, writer, Content creator and above all i'm a brand

I love being independent, i love making people happy, i love meeting new people and making new friends.
I'm a strong believer of killing people with kindness
And my advice to everyone is to never be scared to fail

It's better to live with the regret of "failure" than the regret of "if only".

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Well this just inspired me to start what I planned to. I’m always so skeptical, consumed with fear and I look at my limitation more than looking for solution. thanks for this ❤️

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