The first day of Camp was really overwhelming, talk about frustration and anger.
So I flew from Lagos to Kano then I took a cab to Katsina, I was still fuming from having to drag to 2 boxes in which my mum stuffed with provision for me( I’m super grateful though).
After a long journey, I finally arrived at Borno camp at Busari road Katsina.

I walked up to the inspectors, they asked me for my documents, I brought them out but unfortunately I realised I left the original copy of my call up letter in Lagos.
After so much arguing, they let me in, I was struggling bitterly to drag my boxes and three guys started laughing at me, it was okay to not want to help but what wasnt okay was them laughing at me.

I was so furious, but I kept dragging my box, eventually a lady whose hands was almost as full as mine offered to help, I told her not to bother, because I knew it wouldn’t have worked out. Eventually someone offered to help of course for money, Alabaru(peole who help in carrying load)
We got talking and she became my first friend in camp, we moved from one point to the load together, then I got to the point of Registration, I had been on the queue for a while, and I was finally in front.

I provided every document they requested for, even the original copy of my call up letter(I printed it at camp for 500) then they asked me for the original copy of my certificate, I couldn’t provide it.
In actual fact I gave it to my mother to keep a day before, I only carried photocopies my certificate to camp.
They told me to go back to Lagos to bring it as it is impossible to Register without it.
I wanted to die, literally
I travelled all the way to Katsina to get sent back to Lagos.

By luvlysimi

My name is Soremekun Jesutofunmi Similoluwa
I'm a graduate of Covenant University, i have a travel blog/website (
I'm very passionate about travelling, i love fashion, pictures,reading writing, talking and creating ideas.
I strongly believe in God, He is a major part of who i am.
I am a freelance model, writer, Content creator and above all i'm a brand

I love being independent, i love making people happy, i love meeting new people and making new friends.
I'm a strong believer of killing people with kindness
And my advice to everyone is to never be scared to fail

It's better to live with the regret of "failure" than the regret of "if only".


I hope I don’t get stressed like dis next year… Congrats though😁 being a corper ain’t easy. ☺😘

I really hope you don’t πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Thank you dear.
It honestly isn’t 😭😭😭

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